The LaGrange SOUL Program, which stands for Save On Utilities Long term, is a pilot program to help low- and moderate-income residents with higher-than-average utility bills by improving energy efficiency. While the City of LaGrange has low utility costs, some residents have much higher-than-average utility bills because their homes are older, less efficient, and use more energy. SOUL improves home energy efficiency and uses the resulting energy savings to reduce resident utility bills and pay for the cost of installations. The SOUL pilot program serves residents in homes with higher-than-average utility bills in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. Renters and homeowners are eligible.

The SOUL Program pays for up-front home energy efficiency improvements with energy savings over time. It starts with a free home energy assessment that also includes free LED light bulbs, hot water heater insulation, and other basic steps to help you start saving energy. SOUL pays for additional home energy efficiency improvements — including attic insulation and new heating and air-conditioning equipment — through energy savings on your utility bill. That way, you can enjoy energy savings and a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Steps to SOUL

Who is eligible for SOUL? SOUL was developed to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills for low- and moderate-income LaGrange residents with higher than average energy usage. Because SOUL pays for energy efficiency improvements with energy savings, it doesn’t work for homes that have average or better energy usage. If you’re not sure if SOUL is for you, check out our FAQ or call us at (706) 413-1642. We are here to support you!

Home Energy Assessment. When you sign up for SOUL, you’ll schedule an appointment for an expert energy assessor to come to your home. The home energy assessment is free and will include a walk-through and technical measurements to develop an efficiency plan that’s just for you.

Basic Energy Efficiency Installation. While the expert energy assessor is at your home, they’ll install new LED light bulbs, insulation for your hot water heater, high- efficiency showerheads, and water faucet aerators to help you start saving on your utilities.

Customized Energy Easy Plan. Based on the results of your home energy assessment, you’ll receive a detailed, customized Energy Easy Plan that outlines all of the energy efficiency improvements that can be installed in your home to reduce your bills. If you choose to move forward with installation, the cost of the improvements will be paid for up front through SOUL and paid back over time through energy savings on your utility bill.

Installation. If you choose to move forward, local contractors will work with you to schedule a time for installation. The SOUL program team will follow-up after installation to make sure that everything has been completed correctly.

Savings, Efficiency, and Comfort. SOUL pays for the cost of installation through energy savings. You should experience energy savings during the first month after your new equipment is installed.

Sign Up! You can either sign-up online or you can call (706) 413-1642. Signing up is free, and it will take about five minutes to complete the sign-up form.

In the Community

The SOUL team enjoys answering your questions about SOUL and how this program is already benefiting the community. If you have questions, or would to talk with someone in the community before you sign up, email us!

Teara Harris

Teara is a community building associate with Groundswell. She is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have about the SOUL program.

Health and Safety during COVID-19

The City of LaGrange SOUL Program and the people who make it possible care about your health and safety. Our team is committed to following all COVID-19 guidelines and will wear masks, gloves, and other protective clothing while performing your home energy assessment and any installations. Additionally, all equipment will be sanitized both before and after use. We will also abide by social distancing measures during our work.

Walter Farmer

Walter is an energy expert on the SOUL team and will be performing all of the home energy assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • SOUL is a program of the City of LaGrange Utilities

  • SOUL is operated by EEtility, an experienced energy efficiency leader serving small towns and rural communities.

  • Local nonprofit Groundswell supports SOUL by sharing information and support working with the community. Groundswell has also worked with the LaGrange Housing Authority to install a solar SmartFlower, and the supporting several more upcoming community energy projects.